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Toe Protection

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Animal Wool
What better to use than natural animal wool to wrap and protect your feet. Animal Wool ..
Bunion Cover
It must be frustrating feeling the constant pain with every step you take. Is it limiting your activ..
Foam Toe Wedge
FOAM TOE WEDGES are similar to our GEL TOE WEDGES, but need regular renewal to ensure maximum benefi..
Gel Toe Cap
Re-usable GEL TOE CAP is similar to our GEL TOE STRIP but it is coated all-round to protect toes fro..
Gel Toe Ring
GEL TOE RING made from silicone for protection of toes. One size fits all. Similar to Silipos and..
Gel Toe Strip
Re-usable GEL TOE STRIP is similar to our GEL TOE STRIP but it is coated on one side only. Chirof..
Gel Toe Wedges
Soft interdigital GEL TOE WEDGES that fit comfortably between the toes to prevent from rubbing / pre..
Tubular Foam
Soft TUBULAR FOAM pad for protecting toes from rubbing in shoes. NARROW for lesser toes, WIDE for bi..
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