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Foot Care Advice

Self-care or self-help is precisely what it says – someone helping or caring for themselves. When it comes to feet, the concept of self-help / self-care is often lost once the services of a chiropodist / podiatrist are enlisted. However, the onus of care should always stay with the person whose feet require help. This ensures that any problems are noticed early, and that neglect is not a contributing factor to deterioration of these problems. Provided that appropriate advice is followed, self-help / self-care also means increased safety for both normal and at-risk feet. Health First has always been an advocate of good self-help / self-care by only selling items that are safe for home use, together with support from an experienced State Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist.

Before washing your feet, use a safe foot file on hard or dry skin or callouses or corns - Health First’s Dual Foot File is one of the best available for this. Wash your feet daily in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly paying particular attention to the spaces between the toes - use a cotton bud if necessary to ensure these areas are completely dry (Long Cotton Wool Buds are available from Health First). Then apply moisturising cream over your feet avoiding the toe spaces. Most doctors now recommended plain Aqueous Cream (available form Health First) as it is safe on most skin types. Change hosiery daily, and try to alternate use of different shoes from day to day. If you are unable to cut your own toe-nails or have been advised against doing so, then Health First’s Dual Foot File or Diamond Deb File can once again prove beneficial. They are the safest foot files available, and help to keep nails short providing that filing is done regularly:

foot care advice

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