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Useful Items

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Non-sterile powder-free latex GLOVES to prevent contamination of open wounds. Supplied in boxes o..
Heel Grips
Self-adhesive HEEL GRIPS designed to improve the fit of loose fitting shoes. Supplied in packs of..
Long Cotton Wool Buds
6” (15cm) wooden LONG COTTON WOOL BUDS to clean and dry between toes. ONLY 14p PER BUD IN P..
Sterile Dressings
7.5 x 5cm non-adherent STERILE DRESSINGS to dress open wounds.  Also known as Telfa Non-Adhe..
Tube Applicator
Unique plastic TUBE APPLICATOR device for easier use of tubular bandage. This is made of plastic ..
Tubular Bandage
Special TUBULAR BANDAGE as used by Chiropodists / Podiatrists to easily secure dressings in place on..
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