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Toe Dressing Pack

Toe Dressing Pack
Product Code: Toe Dressing Pack
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All you need in one handy pack to dress a toe safely and help avoid infection.

This pack has it all and is enough for 10 or more re-dressings. It includes 10 Sterile Dressings, 3 metres Narrow Adhesive Strapping, 1 Tube Applicator and 4 metres Narrow/Wide Tubular Bandage. Separately the items should cost £21.00. Available in narrow or wide.

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Telfa non-adherent dressing has a dual-sided perforated film contact layer, absorbent core offers light to moderate absorbency to remove excess fluid from the wound site, non-adherent smooth film surface allows for new tissue growth without interrupting the healing process, pain-free removal, will not adhere to sutures, staples or steri-strips.

Easily applied particularly if using tube applicator, treatment area remains mobile, absence of bulky materials means that normal footwear can usually be worn.

 Cut the adhesive strapping to length & shape required, a cut curve around the corners will prevent them from rolling up. Peel off paper backing and place in the required position (stretching to conform if necessary). Press firmly to secure. The adhesive is low allergy (hypo-allergenic) but do not leave strapping in place too long. The adhesive is protected by a pre-cut protective sheet.

Care should be taken with removal to avoid tearing the skin. If this is a problem, soak the foot in warm soapy water before removal.

Thread a length of tubular bandage over this lightweight, but durable, plastic tool, place it over the toe. Hold the end of the bandage at the base of the toe and gently pull the applicator off the toe leaving one half of the bandage in place. Once clear of the end of the toe twist the applicator around and push it back down over the toe. The second half of the tubular bandage will then be laid over the first. Use a new piece for each dressing.

ONLY £12.50 PER PACK IF 2 PACKS ORDERED. Where more than one pack is ordered we will substitute extra Sterile Dressings for the Tube Applicator in the additional packs.

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