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Nail Edge File

Nail Edge File
Product Code: Nail Edge File
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NAIL EDGE FILE is used by Chiropodists / Podiatrists to smooth and clean nail edges, helping to avoid in-growing toenails by gently removing spikes & rough corners. Otherwise known as a BLACKS FILE, it has a medium-size head about a ¼ inch (7mm) long

It is a special file used by chiropodists for smoothing the nail corners and removing any debris from down the sides of the nail. It is used for getting rid of the rough and pointed bits of the nail which lie next to the skin stopping the formation of ingrowing toe nails.

Do not think that because the file is the most expensive of the three we offer that it is the best for dealing with toe nails and callous – it is not! This file is NOT used for general filing of the nails and for corns and callouses. 

To clean, rinse under running water and scrub with a nail brush. As it is made of stainless steel, it can also be sterilised / autoclaved.

ONLY £12.50 EACH FOR 2, £11.67 EACH FOR 3, AND £10.00 EACH FOR 5 OR MORE

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