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Poron Heel Pads

Poron Heel Pads
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Cushioned durable 6mm PORON HEEL PADS which can even act as a heel raise.

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Poron material is a high density polyurethane foam which boosts the foot’s natural cushioning, making walking easier. It is one of the best shock & impact absorbing materials.

As a retail supplier, we sell padding for human use in handy sizes as a foot solution. Your Poron pad can be transfered between several pairs of shoes therefore making them very cost effective. The closed cell, cushioning material does not bottom out unlike low density, open cell, urethane foam. Poron therefore helps to give you good feet especially if you suffer from heel fat pad atrophy, heel pain, plantar calcaneal bursitis ("Policeman's Heel"), plantarfasciitis, and arch pain (by mildly altering the biomechanics of the foot).

Poron is a durable, cushioned, general-purpose insole material used to protect against “step shock” – as we get older our feet lose some of the natural cushioning that absorbs the impact of walking. This “step shock” can travel up legs and spine causing pain and discomfort in the feet, knees, hips, back and even be the cause of headaches. This “step shock” is likely to occur in patients that have arthritis, diabetes or sensitive feet.

The heel pads are designed to cushion under the heels, but could also be cut to form a plantar metatarsal pads (met pad / metatarsal dome) or tongue pads for shoes. Double-sided adhesive tape would be required to fix the pad in place.

Supplied in packs of 2.

ONLY £2.50 EACH FOR 2 (1 pack), AND £2.00 EACH FOR 4 (2 packs).

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