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Gel Heel Pads

Gel Heel Pads
Product Code: Gel Heel Pads
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Durable, visco-elastic GEL HEEL PADS to cushion heels and absorb shock. They can also be used as a 5mm heel raise or combined together to form a 10mm heel raise.

Cambion Heel Pads have an outer layer of PPT which responds to changes in foot shape while the underlayer is made of a viscoelastic polymer.  They provide cushioning and even distribution of weight to protect sensitive pressure points and absorb and dissipate shock. 

Instruction on how to use our Gel Heel Pads - YouTube

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Place the heel pad in the heel of the shoe with the blue side up i.e. the gel side needs to be placed against the shoe.  The smooth surface which is against the foot gives the product a soft feel and it is breathable.  The gel surface is tacky to help keep it in place in the shoe.

The pad can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and they can be washed by hand and left to air-dry.  Wipe the underside with warm soapy water to restore tackiness.

There are two Heel Pads per pack, and come in different sizes to fit correct shoe size:

A = sizes 1,2,3

B = sizes 4,5,6

C = sizes 7,8,9

D = sizes 10,11,12

ONLY £7.00 EACH FOR 2 (1pack), AND £6.25 EACH FOR 4 (2 packs).

Available in size A, B, C or D

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