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Forefoot Covers

Forefoot Covers
Product Code: Forefoot Covers
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Re-usable FOREFOOT COVERS contain covered polymer gel for protecting and cushioning all toes and balls of feet. Cost-effective protection for multiple toe deformities.

Silipos gel (similar to Chiroform Gel) is non-compressable and helps to dissipate the pressure. Its properties cannot be duplicated with conventional materials such as foams

The Forefoot Covers help to protect both the metatarsal area of the foot and the toes from friction, pressure, shear forces and abrasion. They help to retain body temperature, may comfort, or relieve symptoms for persons suffering from arthritis or cold toes resulting from poor circulation

They can be used by dancers such as ballerinas to help reduce pressure and abrasion on the toes.

Put the cover on with larger gel pad lying underneath the metatarsal (ball of foot). Remove the cover at night to allow the skin to breathe. Can be hand washed then allow to dry in the air. However washing this product can shorten its life.

Available in 3 sizes, which approximate to:

Small = sizes 3,4,5

Medium = sizes 6,7,8

Large = sizes 9,10,11+


ONLY £16.00 FOR 2 PAIRS.

Pairs available in small, medium or large

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